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Tanjore trip this past week  

Days were getting hazier and never seemed to get right, which prompted me to do something unusual so i accompanied my parents to a marriage which i usually dont do, i opted it more so cause this would give me a break from the current sedate life. Since the trip involved lotsa travel to the temples i picked up the iPOD which i normally hate to carry around with me, i picked it up just cause i dont have an alternative to it at this point of time.

Day 1: Sep 9 got up early by 5 and prepared my travel bag and hopped into the calltaxi and got into a Bus which would take me to Tanjore. I had the pleasure of an empty bus which was quieter than the usual crowdy busses. Having a company of a 1yr 8 months old nephew made the journey priceless. After reaching Tanjore went over to meet my cousin sister who is gonna be wedlocked and spoke to her, which was the only thing that i did usefull that day on a Busy house with regards to the marriage work.

Day 2: It was the marriage day with all the people moving around you and the fact that i was sitting there with hardly anyone other than the close relatives taking notice of my presence, made me think that the trip was worthless. But as the marriage progressed i really felt happy that i was "socially fucked up" which made me totally neglect the annoying people and start listening to my stupid iPOD, which made me finally realize that i had a really good set of mp3s and videos on my iPOD. Caught up with few relatives who just like me never appear in such social congregation :). Day passed on with the close relatives and i was glad that there were here to help me kill time.

Day 3: It was the day when i took out the fiesta of my cousin out for a ride. He took me to a ground which was looking like a barren place unlike ground. I was really nervous to start driving it and later on i played with it. I'm sure i couldn't have driven it that way back here in Chennai.Took a Nap after the driving and then went for another temple in Swamimalai which is like 4 floors high temple. It was one of the temples which made me wonder how did people make such temples back then when there was hardly anything called cranes. Then went to some relative's houses nearby. I started realizing the fact that being socially fucked is good only when you stay in chennai. People tend to keep on pestering you and you most probably try hard to recall how he/she relates to you. After returning back to tanjore went to the Big Brihadeeswarar temple in the evening which looks really good at night especially with the lighting arrangements .

Day 4: Its when i started thinking about getting back and having the luxury of Broadband back. Still my mom persisted me with the temple visits. She made me to go to a temple in some remote village which is considered to be auspicious and returned late that night

Day 5: Got up late and went to my Uncles house and had a wonderful food and went again to a temple which was constructed only this year and as it is manadatory for a pooja called kumbabhishekam to be done before the hackneyed poojas to be done at the temple. So it was my mom who was in the forefront bringing all the requisite materials for the pooja and again had to sit through that pooja. Again got back home really late and had to get up early next morning. I was really hoping i get back to chennai as early as possible after having to go through all these trouble of travelling and having to sit through all those yagya's and poojas.

Day 6: As expected got up late and had to rush to the Bus stop to catch the bus to the village where the pooja work was done as most of the family left in the only car. The whole kernel of the pooja was to do abhishegam of the kumbh. While waiting for this to happen, and the fact that one of my uncle is just like me really helped me. We both were mocking at the happenings around and the fact that there were quiet a lotta mallu settlers amongs our relatives and the fact that they had really cute girls helped me a lot ;).Just when me and my uncle were talking about the sight of eagles at the instance of sprinkling religious water at the kumbha, we made about it not happening since a timeframe was set for the pooja to be completed and the sky seemed to be really clear and there was hardly a glimpse of the ubiquitous crows leave alone the eagles. I raised the bet to Rs.100 and told the eagle might not appear and we were anxiously waiting for the sight of any bird circling in sky. Just when were eagerly waiting a sight of a crow made us just LMAO which compelled us to change positions since most of the people around us started thinking about us being sacrilegious which really showed in their questioning faces. Right then out of nowhere eagle appeared and that too very close to the temple and it was gliding through the air very closely and it seemed as if it was having a close look at us. We were totally dumbstruck and never said a thing about it again. I picked up my betting amount and gave it to my uncle, this incident really kindled the atheist part of my brain about the incidence. Right after that there was quiet a lotta instances for us to laugh at firstly there was this instance of God coming into people since it was a village and there were hardly any people like me reasoning the happenings there were kinda lotsa instances where people were dancing and acting weird as if God was into them. I even thought of stabbing one of them. There was even a Dancing couple which made me LMAO and have stomach ache, i ran away for cover just to hide my laughter since most of those around me started doubting me being sacrilegious again. After all these dramas happening we went back to our house and were talking about the happenings, i even had the opportunity to talk to only of those weirdly dancing people thankfully this time the whole family was with me laughing and rolling about the whole incident. After having a small lunch boarded a bus and started feeling that this day was really good.

The worst part of the whole trip was that i took a camcorder with me and left out the batteries behind cause of my rush to board the bus, if at all i had carried it would have created a rage amoung the youtube people wat say ? ;) . The only thing i realized during this past 6 days is that Socially fucked people and marriages don't click together. The only thing i think i missed was my granny's stories, its been long time having heard anyone of them. I hope i do listen to them while she comes back here for my bro's marriage :)

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  • tweety  
    September 16, 2008 at 11:06 AM

    hey socially fucked up at times is good only :P marriages means unlimited sighting assured ;) I have visited swamimalai and tanjore periya koil... Temple prasadhaam of all temples taste so nice... Try all chennai temples prasadhaam once :)Missed ur trip pics this time... Im happy u where able to away from this stressful gizmo life for 1 week :)

  • swami  
    September 16, 2008 at 12:24 PM

    Good narration da ...keeep trying on more like this :)i din even imagine that even u will think ,write like this etc ....good work

  • aravind  
    September 16, 2008 at 10:34 PM

    You really did have a great time it seems.... Lucky you.... Btw, any scientific explanation for the eagle appearance???? I hope u wud give it on in your next blog....

  • aravind  
    September 16, 2008 at 10:38 PM

    And of course add to it the details of your malu relatives.... Sounds interesting....:)

  • Whacky™  
    September 22, 2008 at 9:01 AM

    @tweety : yeah its wonderfull to be away from it, but still you mind always says "you can't stay here for long" moreover i can't live without the techfeeds ;)

    @swami: Unexpected things happen most of the time, and you are yet to discover me. Hope this blog space would help me define myself to all others

    @aravind: I was dumbstruck at the incident. I have no words, may be i should ask my Guru "Deepak Chopra" about it. I'm lingering to write about atheism.
    And as i said i'm socially fucked up which makes me hard to keep track of them. Had a good time thats all that i could say of it. :)

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