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The Big Bang Machine  

When i came across lotsa blogs and newspaper articles about the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and lots of skepticism about its modus operandi. I was really eager to pen my opinion about it, owing to my travel last week couldn't manage to write about it even after watching a BBC documentary about the LHC. After coming back when i checked my feeds i realized that quiet a lotta people have posted about it. One blogger even talked about science and its reasoning and human curiosity behind this lab.
Since i have a lotta connections with my seniors one of them who is doing his Doctorate in theoretical physics helped me get acquainted with this regard, the usual chats helped me know more about what a theoretical physicist does?? They do nothing in the lab rather than doing it in the papers, they are the trouble creaters for the students with all the equations . So when i watched the BBC documentary about the LHC then i realized that this is the only Lab that could bring most of these theoretical physicist out to a Lab who weren't provided an opportunity to work in a lab to experiment earlier. My mind started recollecting whatever i knew about theoretical physics, and few things which came to my mind was the various theories which i usually google about after watching intresting documentaries...

Big bang theory

String theory

4th dimensions


Aeinstein's Theory of everything

Stephen Hawkin's theory of everything

Higg's mechanism & Higg's particle

Why Gravity is weak ??

Don't be surprised at all these links, i did a thorough search for these back in my college when i wanted an innovative idea to be presented for the college paper presentation. These thoughts flew across my mind when i thought about the theoretical physics, so when i went ahead and watched the Documentary, It was mind blowing for me to see how many countries had contributed towards the building of this big bang machine and still the whole world cries foul about its side-effects. The only inference that i got from the documentary was that it is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, meant basically to collide opposing beams of protons with very high kinetic energy i.e. close to the speed of light. If it works as expected this would create a nuclear fusion reaction which is hard to create in any other lab's so this would help in creating this nuclear reaction. This would ofcourse give a glimpse of what would happen when a nuclear fusion reaction would happen, this would even create some black holes of low intensity which would last just micro seconds which in turn could be utilized to study and analyse the actions and thus give a conclusive evidence for the various theories which were proven only through mathematical equations which was kinda hard to grapple with.

On a Whole this would be One Big laboratory for the theoretical physicist to test their theories at the same time prove the already existing theories and analyse the new particles which would be formed as by-products. Hope this experiment would happen successfully and give us quite a good insight into the creation of universe and a conclusive Theory of everything.

*update: Torrent for the BBC Documentary

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