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Cloud Computing Demystified  

Off late i've been hearing a lot about the cloud computing and a lot of confusing thoughts too about it while everyone was naming it as

But later did i realize its not one of them but its just a conglomerate of all of the above. But the problem with the cloud computing is that every tech company now wants to be associated with the bandwagon called "cloud computing", no matter if their products and services meet the basic criteria. So i thought i should write about it in a simplified way and hence this piece of article.

what is cloud computing ??
Its actually a Convergence of following three main trends which were prominent in the recent past.

Virtualization : Its one of the hottest trend in recent past in where there is a serious attempt on separating Applications from the infrastructure and their dependence on the infrastructure.

Utility Computing: Its one of the computer service where server capacity is accessed across a grid as a variably priced shared service

Software as a service : In this service applications are available on demand on a subscription basis

As time passed people wanted to extract the best of all these trends and a cheaper alternative hence it lead to development of Cloud computing.

In layman's terms its a computing service which shrinks and grows in accordance to the demand and does the transition with no glitch unlike the traditional Dedicated computing services.

What led to the developments of Cloud computing ??
It all began when Broadband prices went cheaper and cheaper which made people realize that people don't need to have a data center in their house all that mattered was just a fast internet connection that would connect to the closest Data center or any data center in the world. This lead to the development of Software as a Service which was when people started selling accounts for accessing their softwares which few vendors try to provide. All that one does is just access the application through their browsers while the application is actually running in the data center for the user who has logged in and all this was done for a fixed subscription fees.

So..This looks like a win-win situation for all isn't it ??

Well when Someone else owns the applications and we pay a part of the price involved as a subscription and use it, it almost nullifies the thought about the hardware and machines running the applications because it no longer belongs to you and we don't have to devote time on developing and maintaining an application that we are not expert in. But this approach of a standard size for all will not match the requirements of all the people. As every single guy has his own requirement ( which varies from being simple to complex).

Privacy was yet another major issue to some of the users cause the actual data was outside their Firewall and which they thought is a big security issue.

Subscription cost was not feasible for "Cost Vs Usage" to the service provider.

Every enterprise which wanted to use this Service always was in lookout for:
  • convenience and simplicity of Saas
  • Flexibility of Traditional Computing
So On the whole they needed a hybrid that would run any product as a serivce in a data centre that some one else owns and manages it. But the only obstacle was that the applications were difficult to deploy in new environment.. but the concept of virtualization simplified things..

In Virtualization Applications and infrastructures are different, which allows servers to be shared easily by many applications and many applications to be run virtually anywhere one wants them to run as long as the applications is virtualized

Virtualization of an application in short means that its a portable version of the applications which simply means that one has to package the application with virtually everything that it needs to function and run independently which include the database, the various middleware and operating system, this self contained unit of virtualized application can run anywhere. There is no need for it to work in a data centre or in application provider's data centre. It could even run in a cloud.

The cloud is computing service which charges only on the amount of computing service that one uses . Its similar to pay as you go option which is the most economic option available at this point of time which sets it apart from software as a service (SaaS)

Why should one adopt Cloud computing ???
This thing would be better explained is an analogous fashion, If the service that you need is like a house then in case of Using Traditional Licensed Software is like buying a top end car for a fixed price with all the features, service and warantty whether you use it or not and one is expected to pay cash upfront on delivery.

With Software as a Service (SaaS) is like renting a car you get the expected vehicle but you can't customize it to your needs cause its not under your ownership. One is expected to pay a standard fee on a monthly basis and is guaranteed a certain amount of service on the car

With Cloud computing its like having a personalised top end racing car as a taxi for your disposal, all that you are made to pay for is the distance that you travel with the functionality of the top end car on the demand basis. Well one doesn't even have to pay for the maintenance, and other costs associated with the cab. Its the most economical option when compared to others.

Metaphorically speaking if the Cloud computing is considered as a car then its core engine is Virtualization, without the virtualization the cloud would be impossible. The car never runs without the engine and one can't install the applications to the cloud without virtualization involved in it.

So the first step to the cloud computing is to adapt the application for virtualization and then its moved into the cloud (quiet literally )

Why cloud Computing ??

  • Its the most Elastic options thats available and take in any kinda load that is entrusted on it.
  • Scalabilty .
  • Instant gratification.
  • The very way it switches between clouds of servers makes it very Flexible.
  • Its way too Inexpensive when compared to dedicated servers option.
  • Its Reliable as far as its functionality as concerned

It really levels the playing field for all kinds of business regardless of its size and ensures that every business is provided the required impetus when required to prosper. I guess these should be good enough option for anyone to think of switching overto cloud computing.

Is this one really practical ?? Did anyone deploy it ??
There are many who have deployed it and are using it in a very successful way, some of which are : Amazon and Google's app Engine which are the obvious ones to have embraced the technology.

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Is Netbook grabbing notebook's market ?  

I've seen some of the netbooks and even checked out some of the leaptops that are available here in India. Although there is a lotta difference between functionality of those two, but the netbooks have recently shaken the markets despite their lack of functionality. This market has been capitalized by few who took it as a chance for them to flourish in times of recession and of all the players Acer seems to have hit the bull's eye.

Acer has been in the laptop market for long and has strived long to be a top player among others in the Laptop and the Netbook market off late. But in the times of Economic slowdown acer has developed its own niche in the netbook market. Acer's goal to become the number one netbook manufacturer in the world along with predictions that these low cost portables will take up a big chunk of the market seem to be coming true. According to preliminary data released by market research firm DisplaySearch, last quarter netbooks managed to take up a smooth one-fifth of the market. Out of all laptops sold last quarter, roughly 6 million were netbooks ? a substantial amount, and a strong indicator that they will continue to do well which is predominantly in Latin America and the Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) region.

Out of those 6 million that was sold, Acer was the single largest manufacturer among them, being responsible for more than 30% of the market. They are well on their way to achieving their goal of a 50% share and the netbook market itself is well on its way to being one of the most substantial portions of the mobile sector. This seems to be the case despite the fact that the demarcation line between notebook and netbook has blurred subsequently over a period of time and has come close to being crossed completely on occasions. That may be only a temporary issue, as netbooks continue to mature we may see more of a price/performance wall between the two classes.

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Malware found in counterfeit copies of Windows 7 RC  

Been testing out the release candidate version of Windows 7? Well, if you grabbed yourself a copy of the operating system through BitTorrent rather than Microsoft?s official servers then you might be in for a surprise. Several news outlets are reporting that a new piece of malware embedded into counterfeit copies of Windows 7 is being used to build out a botnet of compromised PCs.

According to researchers at security firm Damballa, the infected software which is rigged with a Trojan downloader first appeared on April 24, and spread to thousands of zombie computers by the time they managed to shut down the network?s command and control server on May 10. At its peak, the malware was causing more than 550 new infections per hour, which are reportedly still occurring at a rate of about 1,600 per day with broad geographic distribution. However, since Damballa?s intervention, any new installs of this pirated Windows 7 RC distribution are outside the control of the botmaster hackers running the attack.

Needless to say, not all copies on torrent sites are necessarily infected but those interested in testing the release candidate are obviously advised to get it from Microsoft's official website here. This is not the first case of a botnet being built with pirated software distributed on the Internet. Earlier this year, researchers at Intego intercepted a Mac OS X malware threat circulating in pirated copies of Apple?s iWork 09 software.

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EU to find Intel anti-competitive: Unknown sources  

Unknown sources have said that European Union has decided to find Intel anti-competitive. The finding will be announced in coming days.
The unanimous decision on the part of EU commission states that

"The Commission will say Intel paid PC makers to delay or scrap the launch of products containing AMD chips. The Commission will characterize the payments as 'naked restrictions' to competition, the sources said. Intel set percentages of its own chips that it wanted PC makers to use, the sources said. For example, NEC Corp was told that 20 percent of its desktop and notebook machines could have AMD chips, the sources said. All Lenovo notebooks had to use Intel chips, as did relevant Dell products. The figure was 95 percent for Hewlett-Packard's business desktops, they said."

Previous infractions by Intel include giving illegal rebates to computer makers back in 2007 and paying retailers not to sell AMD-based computer systems.

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DLF IPL 2009 - whats lacking in it ??  

Last Year's IPL was the most glittering ones with the Bollywood's glam gals all supporting for each of the franchise, but cometh the 2009 IPL most of the glam-gals are off it.

One interesting thing to note was there is no kaif's in this year's edition of IPL.
what really happened to the Kaif's ??

Kat: She being the most active lady in the bollywood was busy with the Shooting and hence choose not to come down to South Africa to support the franchise that she was supporting last time around.

Mohd Kaif: This guy was much more promising than his counterpart in the 1999 world cup winning team-mate Yuvraj sing in his early days. His heroics in the Natwest-series final alongside Yuvi was the best moment but things have changed a lot since then and has only gone the other way for the heroes of that match.
Currently this Kaif is in his hometown, he was one of the costliest picks that the Rajasthan Royals team has picked last time around who were really thrifty in picking the expensive players and looked for the most valued money and even succeeded in getting the IPL 2008 despite not having the team filled with star players which the other teams had. Kaif was sent back to India after the team's inital warm up games owing to his lacklusture form.

I went berserk when i heard this info of sending back the non-performing players back to India. But when i closely looked for the Sponsors that were sponsoring the Rajasthan Royals Team I wasn't worried anymore. It was Sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services, which makes the point clear.

I'm a true fan of both of these Kaif's and would be missing them in this years IPL and hope that they have the time to attend the event and have the form to feature in the team in the next years IPL.

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