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DLF IPL 2009 - whats lacking in it ??  

Last Year's IPL was the most glittering ones with the Bollywood's glam gals all supporting for each of the franchise, but cometh the 2009 IPL most of the glam-gals are off it.

One interesting thing to note was there is no kaif's in this year's edition of IPL.
what really happened to the Kaif's ??

Kat: She being the most active lady in the bollywood was busy with the Shooting and hence choose not to come down to South Africa to support the franchise that she was supporting last time around.

Mohd Kaif: This guy was much more promising than his counterpart in the 1999 world cup winning team-mate Yuvraj sing in his early days. His heroics in the Natwest-series final alongside Yuvi was the best moment but things have changed a lot since then and has only gone the other way for the heroes of that match.
Currently this Kaif is in his hometown, he was one of the costliest picks that the Rajasthan Royals team has picked last time around who were really thrifty in picking the expensive players and looked for the most valued money and even succeeded in getting the IPL 2008 despite not having the team filled with star players which the other teams had. Kaif was sent back to India after the team's inital warm up games owing to his lacklusture form.

I went berserk when i heard this info of sending back the non-performing players back to India. But when i closely looked for the Sponsors that were sponsoring the Rajasthan Royals Team I wasn't worried anymore. It was Sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services, which makes the point clear.

I'm a true fan of both of these Kaif's and would be missing them in this years IPL and hope that they have the time to attend the event and have the form to feature in the team in the next years IPL.

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