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D-Day when i started it ALL  

Someday in april of 1993,Sky looked clear as i got up and saw both my brother and sister studying very seriously for their exams,although my sister was almost half asleep and since it was the last day of exams ,i was thinking "why do these people read so much when they are gonna write answers for just few questions, moreover i was thinking more about the kothikamachi game i played the previous day rather than studying for the exam.
I got up from the bed and went straight to kitchen to have something since i was very hungry while getting up. On my mom's insistence i brushed my teeth and went and picked the cream biscuit pack and went and sat close to my brother who was looking like some spoky guy which he isn't, he just shunned me away from his table. which made me go towards my sister seeing her inviting eyes with her mouth watering at the biscuit packet i moved towards the bed and started to eat and went to sleep again after eating it.

Out of a sudden i heard a violent jerk on me and my brother woke me ..

Bro: Enthiri da nayeee(Get up you dawg).. you have your science exam today.
Moi: dei nayee.. athu ellan simple than .. (You dawg.. everythings simple only) chinta mat kar.. (dont worry )
Bro: Eppo eluda porai ?? next year ah ?? School time aachi.. (When are you gonna write it ?? next year eh ?? its time for the school )
Moi: ok ok nanum kelamburain.. (i'm getting ready)

Mom helped me get ready and i started from home with a gait which my brother always used to mock at home. Since both my Bro and sis were kinda tensed for their exams i was at my usual best trying to catch butterflies at the road side.. its usual thing for my brother to drag me to the school everyday. After the morning prayer we had this exam since i never was in any kinda situation so were people around me. We had a nice conversation about the previous days TV show which was getting thrilling day by day. I had my competitor( swetha) sitting behind just across me and was like praying .She was one cute gal who looked gorgeous everytime one sees her.
Moi: kaisi ho ?? ( how are you?)
SW:achhi huun. Pura pad liya kya ?? (i'm fine .. did you completely study?? )
Moi: nahi re.. final exam hai na.. kam-o-kham hollidays ke bare mein soch raha tha.. (nope. since its the final exam was thinking more about the hollidays )
SW: Oh.. kitna be padho phir bhi nervous.. ( oh.. whatever i read i still feel nervous)
Suddenly the teacher appears in the class and the usual calmness creeps into the class.
Moi: All the best. (with a wicked smile )

After that the teacher waits for the bell to ring and hands over the question paper. Since it was Science paper i hardly had any trouble answering any of them and suddenly there was one question about drawing a diagram about the solar system. I was like perplexed with the question . you know why ?? I didn't have anything to make the circles. I stood up and asked the stupid teacher for my water bottle cap but she refused to give it to me.. i resorted to my bench mate but he hardly cared to listen to me..There were already guys outside the hall playing in the ground and i was almost done with the paper except for the drawing. Those cardboard that one plays after the exams was already on my head, Moreover i even thought its better to draw it with hand but i wanted perfection that time , i resorted to asking Swetha hesitantly twisting myself and asked her in mumbling sound
Moi: sh.. shhh..
SW: what ?? (in gestures)
Moi: i showed her the bangles.
SW : kyon ?? (why ?? )
Moi: solar system
Teacher shouts "Silence "
Moi: Solar system ka diagram karna hai.. ( i need to draw the solar system's diagram)
SW: Toh.. mai kya karoon ?? (So.. what should i do then ?? )
Moi: (in gestures)Give me the Bangles..
SW: muje help kar.. (help me then..)
Moi: kya karoon ?? (what to do ??)
SW: Question no 6.. plejje.. (please)
Moi: dekh leh.. par jaldi kar bahar jana hai.. sab khel rahen hai.. match start ho jayega ( See it.. but do it fast, everyones playing.. the match is about to begin)
SW:Yeh leh bangles... dikha jaldi.. (here are your bangles and show me fast..)
Within minutes i completed the exam and ran to the teacher and handed over the paper and raced out of the classroom and jumped in excitement that i have completed my 1st std.
After a 2 hrs of playing and loitering in the streets on my way back home i was almost dead tired, Reached home and threw my writting pad .. when my brother inquired about the exam.
Bro: eppudi da irundadhu ?? (how was it ??)
Moi: Easy na.. chappa paper na.. 100% kedaikkum ( Easy bro.. waste paper will get 100% for sure. )
Bro: Then what did you do for the past 2 hrs then ??
Since we share everything among us..i thought it would be better to tell him about this incident to my bro
Moi: annna.. (Bro)
Bro: Yenna ??(what??) almost instantly (since we were watching an india Vs NZ match that day very seriously)
Moi:Anna exam romba seekrama complete kar diya re.. (Bro completed the exam too early)
Bro: how ??
Moi: late he hota lekin one girl helped .. ( it would have been late except for one girl's help. )
Bro: yennada ?? girlfriend kitta kaapi ah ? (what ?? copied from your girlfriend ?? )
Moi : No no.. she helped .. i helped
Bro : Dei vahi copy hai.. (Hey thats only called copying..)
Moi:kya anna.. ? i was just helping her.. (What bro.. i was just helping her)
Bro: tell me what did you copy ??
Moi: Copy nahi i helped her..
Bro: kaun oh swetha va ??
Moi: haan vahi.. but just helped her..
Bro: dey nayee sollu yenna pannen ??
Moi: i asked for bangles.. and she asked me to help her with question 6
Bro: dey athu than copy. kutta.. thu hi help kiya but she copied you.. anyway you are gonna lose your rank just for this.. you are one big loser.
Moi: che poda kutta.. :(
Bro:dey no bad words main bada hoon..
Moi: poda panni ... i punched at this ass and ran off since i hardly could reach this face :)

I wept for sometime, complained to my mom and then started thinking about it again.. i was feeling really guilty about the whole thing for about half an hour and then i went to my bro again and reconciled with him again and started asking

Moi: dey copy panna pudipangala ??
Bro: Onum illai.. ne etho 1s class athan vittu tange.. illai na pudipange..
The guilt feeling was there for the whole night, i even had a nightmare that night of my teacher coming home and catching me and scolding me as if there was no tomorrow. 6 yrs down the lane i was such a pro in copying that i hardly had the guilt feeling after doing this, which only improved in my college days to be called a pro in this regard.
P.S: This was actually due to a post made on copying in a lab which made me whack my mind to narrow down when i started doing it. Never mind my Hin-tam-glish since i used to speak about 4 languages at home it was kinda usual for us at home to talk is 4 different languages at home still people understood.

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  • tweety  
    September 22, 2008 at 8:05 AM

    Hey from 1st std itself u r kd huh??? :P ;) Nice post... I enjoyed thoroughly... Write more about Swetha :P

  • MARK  
    September 22, 2008 at 9:13 AM

    Seerum pambai nambu aana sirikum pennai nambathe.... especially cute gals....

    But still I was a bigger fraud at the same age. I signed my own report card.

  • Reema  
    September 22, 2008 at 10:35 AM

    Solar system in 1st standard?????? I dont believe it!! I studied it in class 4 I think.

  • Whacky™  
    September 22, 2008 at 10:52 AM

    @ tweety: I'm one Born KD :P

    @ mark: Very much accepted, Ok enough of Self destruction here...

    @reema: It wasn't actually solar system it was about sun and moon and i was supposed to draw some circles for it. Thanks for making me rethink about it..

  • bala  
    September 22, 2008 at 11:08 AM

    Hilarious da :)... Reminds me of my school days although i rarely indulged in copying :P...

  • KC  
    September 22, 2008 at 11:23 AM

    Lol.. 1st Std laye Figara Correct pannitiya machi ??! :)

    I have never copied during my school days - cos i was such a Nerd , although i became the exact opp in college :) The only time i got caught in school was during my 12th std Public examinations !!! :p I was caught working out some calculation in my maths Question paper , which we are nt allowed to do ! I almost pissed in my pants man , and started crying !! he he :p Luckily my school's AHM was there , and he asked those ppl to let me go , since i was the school topper !! Weee.. will never forget it ! :)

  • gradwolf  
    September 24, 2008 at 3:11 PM

    Tenth std mein bhi mujhe, bangles vangi pannalam nu thonnirkadhu!

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