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Nostalgia Hits Me  

This evening when there was this power cut (which sucks to the core), i was playing with my nephew when i overheard the neighbourhood kids talking about an event that occured, they were so excited about it that they were literally shouting considering the fact that there was no power at home, since i was damn curious about it, I went ahead and enquired them about
their excited talk, i was shell shocked when i heard the reply. "HOW COULD I EVER FORGET THIS DAY ???Its September 5th". Right after hearing those words, i felt that all the sounds around me faded away especially my nephew who always screems for my iPOD. It always feels quiet different when you think about the past. You seem to enjoy the sweet memories.

I really felt as if i was sitting in my classroom with my best-buddy "baby" close to me, and all the the rest of kuttali around me and i was experiencing the way we used to discuss about the various teachers and few inspirational ones too

Although i flaunt of having a better memory, this feeling was dented when i thought of remembering all the teachers who taught me in school days. Poor me i hardly remember of any teachers who taught me before i came to chennai i.e. prior to 4th std. the few that i remember are the ones that inspired me, tickled me a lot and i still laugh out laud when i think about the funny events that occured during school days. Although there are a lotta teachers but the
funniest ones are the ones that i still think about on every instance which makes me think about school days.

The few who came to my instantly were ...

Mr.Giridhar : He was the one who screwed my name a lotta times, he used to butcher my name right in the prayer session, which was the most embarassing thing ever. How could i forget someone who used to make me my first period at school at time for others to mock at me :(.

Mr.Gopalakrishnan "pulavar": He is hardly 4.5ft with a pot belly and he always tries hard to Bully his students to learn sanskrit his way which is always reciting something or the other. He used to bully a guy in our class who totally disliked both sanskrit and him to the same extent. The funniest part of the whole thing is whenever the class was free and he happened to pass by he used to come into the class and enquire for that particular guy and go hit him and punish him almost everytime. Although most of us feel for this guy, but the way the whole thing happens is one of the funniest thing in my school days. Although a bunch of guys including me hated his class the events that occur during his class makes us urge for a sanskrit class despite having to go through the torture. There used to be countdown timer running right from the starting of the class for the end of it. And the worst thing is that he used to take classes beyond it :(.

Mrs.Mohanakumari "Mike mammi": This is one of the best teachers i have ever met, she is the ever supportive, ever green personality of my school days. Even though my stint with her was a short period of around 8 months, but i hope i had spent more time with her. Inspiring character in a fat structure, and to add it all she used to speak as if she is using a mike almost everytime :P . Funniest thing is she always asks the mikes to be switched off before she speaks at the prayer.

Robin "curt angle": he was the one who verbally bashed me right on the first day of my 11th. The standard punch line delivered by him was "You suck your parents money" and there was no doubt among the whole school why his name was Curt angle. The whole class used to hum the track of curt angle and chorus shout of You Suck follows whenever someone catches a glimpse of him close to the class .

Ruby "Simon Commission" : Although her real name is simon we called her the simon commission just cause she was the one who used to do the moral policing and counselling session and teach chemistry as well. A combination of such a character and chemistry makes her the deadliest teacher. The funniest thing in her is that she used to call home and tell my mom what i did with one particular gal or the other in the school as some kinda reporter, although i hated her initially just for this nature of her in some respect she helped me tell my mom that his son has grown up :P which was hard to share with Mom.

Mr.Pandiraja : The biology teacher who sleeps, walks and talks the same way the filmy Pandiraja does. He hardly taught me anything but was one funny thing to notice in the school when we were free.

RHP : The english teacher who used to teach either an empty class or a class which used to be on the back row as a punishment which exclude the gals as usual. She was too biased and we used to kill her with our comments just for that . I still beleive that she became pregnant just to avoid teaching our batch halfway through our 11th and we went on to her house every now and then to remind her of us, which obviously brought her back to the school which she admitted openly in the class . We too showered our love for her the same way we did before :P.

Mr.Rudrapa: He is one greatest Rajni fan who used to teach physics for us in the 11th and 12th. He would be better as a Hardcore RajniKanth fan rather than a Physics Teacher. The moment he enters our class half the class gets empty or else most of them start their lunch or start drooling at the gals. He used to be our favourite invigilator during tests and exams.He was such an ardent fan of rajni , that he starts speaking about him even at exam halls which was used aptly by us. He is a principal right now, god knows how good that school would be managed :)

Alba : He is one maths teacher everyone would say no to, he never ever teaches, he just reads the book in the class , although the whole class hates him in this regards at the same time makes fun of him at every instance of his speaking in the class. The very name would tell you the extent to which he butchers English.

One always has a Stomach Ache by the end of English,Maths and Physics class. I was really unlucky that I missed out on the fun at the Biology class. Life was really funny @ school days and the very thought of these teachers makes me LMAO.

p.s: I really feel that i'm getting philosophical these days, thinking about my past and regretting my present which i hate to the core. I'm really expecting to move out of this cobweb of distress. Hope I dont turn into a mad guy venting out all the anger in various blogs.

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  • tweety  
    September 5, 2008 at 11:13 AM

    Hey expected something about our college professors... u got contented describing about ur school teachers... Last line is so true... venting ur angry in commenting in other blogs :O
    I have to beware of u ;) :P

  • aravind  
    September 5, 2008 at 11:18 AM

    gr8 post.... u do have a good memory i suppose.... Btw blogs have to be used to vent out feelings.... whether good or bad, they are your own feelings and u have to use ur blogspace to express em as you have done now.... keep going....

  • Whacky™  
    September 5, 2008 at 11:12 PM

    @ tweety: there are hardly any teachers in colleges .. may be thats y they call them the lecturers :P
    the school teachers are the ones that make me feel better rather than those at colleges

    @aravind: thanks for your complements on my memory;)
    you are always welcome to vent out ur comments about them :P

  • NIRMAL  
    September 5, 2008 at 11:13 PM

    Nice blog abt teachers in school!
    A write up about school days is always nostalgic!

    I second aravind thoughts!
    write what u feel like,it vents up your emotions!

  • Whacky™  
    September 6, 2008 at 12:57 AM

    @ nirmal: thanks and welcome to my blog.

    i'm blogging just for the sake of venting out my frustration :(
    and ofcourse school days are always nostalgic :)

  • Anonymous  
    September 14, 2008 at 2:44 AM

    happy to read abt ur teachers... mike maami is funny :)

  • Whacky™  
    September 16, 2008 at 10:41 AM

    @tekybala: welcome to the blog and yeah mike maami was funny at the same time she was one inspiring teacher too..

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