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Jaane Tu ya Jane Na Re-viewed !!!  

12:20 AM: It was time for me to take a nap but i had downloaded a copy of this movie which i really wanted to watch off late.

12:40 AM: I had a Blue screen issue with my PC.. i Had to correct it so was trying to resort to restoring my drives.

1:30 AM: Finally i did restore the drives and was about to watch movies when my Mom woke up and we were talking , its been unusual thing of late .. trying to woo up my boredom.. right in the middle of the their sleep.

2:00 AM: Since i was totally bored and had no mood to watch another Hollywood flick, i Resorted to watching this bollywood movie name Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

4:00 AM: My mom woke up and was like scolding me like anything since i was watching the movie till then.

4:30 AM: The movie was over, I was feeling low.. was thinking about my college life . damn its over.:(

When the movie completed i thought i was being part of a fun loving group of friends.Only one thing struck in my mind.. damn!! Aamir khan is a mind reader man .. He knew what i needed to kill my time :)

I'm definitely not gonna tell you the storyline which is really fresh and would be good if you are served fresh. If you are still intrested in it you could rather follow the link of the title in the wiki page. I started watching this movie thinking that i would sleep by an hour of this movie.. and it made me sit through the night and watch the movie completely.Take this thing seriously since i was really tired this time around.

I loved the characters the rotlu, the jiggy with the gujju slang and rats and meow.. i dont exactly remember the other girls name in the gang. I waited for a long time to watch this movie in a theatre .. but non of my friends made it possible, this movie would be far too better with a popcorn and few close friends by you.

I personally would recommend this movie for any fun loving guy to watch it with friend ofcourse..Its finally time for me to wind up and catch up with some sleep..

P.S: Never mind my estyle of writting

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