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Can Roger Federer be Best Ever Without Winning @ Roland Garros??  

I had a great debate with my cousin sister regarding the dominance ofr Roger Federer over nadal. The whole conversation started because Rafael Nadal kicked Roger Federer’s ass in the French Open finals, only giving up four games in three sets for his 4th straight title at Roland Garros. With a performance like that coupled with Roger’s inability to win the French made her say that she can’t consider Federer the best tennis player of all-time. On an absolutely basic level, it is hard to fight this argument, but I think it’s faulty. Here were some of the several points to refute this notion.

First off, Roger’s dominance on all other surfaces is unprecedented. From ‘04-’07, Roger won nearly every tournament he entered, including 11 of the 16 Grand Slam events. In four of the five he didn’t win, he either made the finals or semifinals. Federer was 315-24 over those four years, good for a cool 93% winning percentage. That type of dominance is just silly. The counterargument would say Federer isn’t playing in a competitive era. Well, before he came into his own, there were guys like Roddick, Safin, Hewitt, and Nalbandian reaching finals and still doing so. You telling me these guys wouldn’t have more wins if Federer weren’t around? If that were the case, what would you say about the competition then?

Secondly, Roger Federer is not a bad clay court player. He’s the second best clay court player in the world, inferior only to what could wind up being the best clay court player of all-time — Rafael Nadal. What’s the shame in being the second best on clay to the guy who could be the best ever on the surface? The dominance Federer portrays on all surfaces, the fact that he’s so much better than anyone else at Wimbledon and U.S. Open, puts him on a different level. To me, it’s not about whether or not Federer gets over the hump at the French Open against Rafael Nadal, it the way he plays in all types of courts

I grew up watching pete sampras overpower his fellow players during his hayday.And i stopped watching tennis seriously after he left the international arena, after a long hiatus the panache of Roger federer lured me back to watch the various grand slams, where he was having a dream run. The very way he plays would inspire a lot of kids to start playing tennis. He is one of the coolest player one would have every seen play on a tennis court for sure.Regardless of the fact that Nadal is king of clay, i personally feel he is the greatest tennis player to have ever player..

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